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1281 Solutins hels stop foreclosure, keep you in your home, or selling your home.Welcome to 1281Solutions provider of solutions to your real estate situation. Whether it is stopping your property problem, buying your property, selling you a property or finding your lost funds we are your solution.


I inherited this land, but lived in another state, so when I received a letter from Mark at 1281Solutions wanting to buy it, I agreed, I received a fair price and cash. My recommendation if you have a property you want to sell, contact Mark at 1281Solutions, he pays cash and takes care of your part of the closing costs.

Sincerely, B.J.

To Whom it May Concern,

I recently completed a complicated business transaction with Mark Bordcosh from 1281Solutions concerning some land my father left me.

I found him to be totally honest and helpful in his dealings with me.

I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who might need his services.

Cathy W. Miller

All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I received exactly what I needed from the sale. THANK YOU again.


I had land that I had inherited in another state and never saw. I called Mark at 1281Solutions. I agreed on his cash price, but since the property was not in my name I could not sell it, Mark recommended filing a small estate affidavit, which I did. Within 4 months I was able to sell it. Mark is a wealth of knowledge and very easy to work with.

E. B.

I was behind on my property taxes on my rental and needed to sell it quickly. Mark at 1281Solutions helped me find a buyer within a month and did not charge me a cent. He is a life saver and always had an answer to every question I had and I received the exact amount I wanted.

Thank you S.C.

My mother and I were in a car accident several years ago and we were both put on SSI and could not work. The house was paid for but we couldn’t pay the taxes on it anymore and it went into foreclosure. We got a couple of letters from Mark at 1281Solutions but thought no one would want it in this condition. I finally gave him a call and he was very friendly. We had our names down for apartments but had to turn down three because we didn’t have money to pay for the taxes and first month’s rent. When he agreed to buy the house not only did he give us a good deal but he forwarded enough money from the sale to buy boxes and enough for the apartment fees. Then when we told him our apartment wouldn’t be ready until a week after we closed he told us we could stay an extra week. He has been so good to us and I would recommend him to anyone!

Jessa Shand & Connie Spear

It was days before the county foreclosure Mark at 1281Solutions paid off the taxes and mortgage hours before they took our property back. He gave us a fair price and completed the transaction in record time.

Thank you B.& J. W.

I had a great experience working with Mark at 1281Solutions. He was patient with me all through the hoops I had to jump through. He gave me a fair and reasonable price for my house for the shape it was in.

Dustin Parnell

1281Solutions helped me in using the right documents, so I could sell the property to them, which saved me a lot of money and made me money. If you have a property to sell please call 1281Solutions first, you will happy you did.

Thank you G.A.

It was a pleasure selling my property to Mark with 1281Solutions. Everything went smoothly and I would recommend and sell another property to them always.

Sincerely, H.S.

I contacted Mark at 1281Solutions about a property I purchased years ago in another state that I never even saw. Mark bought the property for a fair price and it only took around 2 weeks to complete. I would recommend Mark at 1281Solutions to anyone looking to sell.

Sincerely, A.M.

We used 1281Solutions to sell one of our properties and they did a great job.

Their marketing efforts were second to none. It generated alot of interest which resulted in multiple views and an offer that we were happy with. They handled all inquiries, coordinated the views and negotiated the offer on our behalf.

We would recommend them to anyone who has run into difficulties in sellng a property.

Olga Carlson Javiena Group

I bought my home from 1281Solutions years ago and was doing great financially; unfortunately my circumstances changed dramatically and could not make payments. I contacted Mark who took care of all the marketing of my property and stopped the foreclosure. The amazing thing is I was not charged one dime for all the hard work 1281Solutions did. If you need to sell you must call them.

Sincerely, MH

We bought a piece of land in another state which cost us nothing but grief, with the county about to take it back, we called Mark at 1281Solutions he stopped the foreclosure paid off are unpaid taxes and Judgments attached and paid us a good chunk of money. 1281Solutions removed a big monkey off our backs.

Thank you Mark and 1281Solutions WS & MS

I am so glad I contacted Mark at 1281Solutions He was able to stop the foreclosure on a piece of land that I was going to let the county take back. Instead I made some money from a very professional business.

Thank you JG

I received your voicemail messages in regards to the title on my property. My funds actually hit my bank this morning so I will be able to pay the taxes on my own. I appreciate you efforts and assistance. I will definitely pass your information onto any others that may need your services.

Thanks again, TS

I called 1281Solutions and talked to Mark about buying my properties before the County took them back. During the buying and selling process Mark found that the county had given us the wrong foreclosure date and told him that they had already taken the properties back. Mark was able to get the County to give us one more week to get the sale done. Without 1281Solutions and Mark I would have lost the properties without even knowing it, but because I called Mark at 1281Solutions the foreclosure was stopped, I sold the properties and made a cash profit with no money coming out of my pocket.

Thank you 1281Solutions and Mark


I knew for quite a while that I was going to lose the struggle to keep my property, but was unsure how best to proceed and still do my self some good. Mark from 1281Solutions was able to offer me an equitable arrangement and even helped me avoid losing my home to the county. He was open and forthcoming about every step of the process and was very proactive when it came to keeping me informed there was no mystery about the process at any of the several steps along the way.

Mark always had an understandable answer for any of my questions, was able and willing to provide an explanation for anything I did not understand. He was able to move the whole process along quickly and efficiently and, more importantly, painlessly. I would not hesitate to refer other properties to Mark.

Marty Litster

We would like to thank Mark with 1281Solutions for helping us sell our house. He informed us of all of the paperwork we had to get and where to get them. He constantly kept in touch with us. He always returned our calls. Mark sent at least 2 people a week to look at our house. He is on top of everything all of the time. We really appreciate his help.

Ken and Shannon Bassett

I called Mark at 1281Solutions thinking no one could help me with less than a week that the county was going to foreclose on my property.

Mark was able to stop the foreclosure, pay off all my liens, buy my property, pay for all my closing costs and make me money in less than a week.

I did not think that was possible, but with 1281Solutions it was AMAZING!!

1281Solutions and Mark are the real deal. DO NOT WAIT! Call him TODAY at 503-810-5555 to see how he can HELP.

Thank You 1281Solutions



I cannot say enough about the great job 1281Solutions did on helping us sell our home.

They created an amazing web site, video and super effective marketing campaign, kept us informed on all buyers and did not cost us a cent.

Thank you for all your help


Days before the foreclosure of my property, Mark from 1281Solutions bought my property at a fair price that stopped the county from taking the property, removed liens and put money in my pocket. Mark even let me stay there rent free before I moved. If you are looking for a straight arrow, you have found it with Mark. He does what he says and says what he does.

Thank you, You are a life saver!


Hello Mark,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this recommendation of Mark Bordcosh's facilitation of my property sale.

Although the transaction took much longer than we originally thought it would, through no fault of his or mine, he always kept me updated on what was going on.

He called me every week just to check in, whether he had new information for me or not.

He made me a fair offer for my land and made sure I had all the documentation I needed; he was very clear and concise on what needed to happen and when, and, most importantly, why it had to happen.

He was diligent in following up immediately on things he told me he would do.

Even when I felt like things might be falling apart, he kept me updated and was always upbeat about the eventual sale.

I had confidence that Mark would make the sale happen, despite the roadblocks thrown into our paths, and he did.

He was a joy to work with, and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to sell property. I would definitely do business with him again.

Best regards,

Barbara Langstaff


We would like to tell that, you have made this whole ordeal as smooth and painless as possible and we greatly appreciate that.

You answered all our questions and made all transactions clear making sure we understood at all times what was going on.

We also want to thank you very much for the continued help you are providing.

Without your help this would have been a mess.

Thank you 1281Solutions

Elandrea and Robert

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to write and give an update about my property. I received word from BofA that my modification has been approved! My payments are much more manageable and my loan brought current! It still feels surreal, but I am so grateful for this news. I truly feel that I have only come this far because of the work of you and your team. I can not thank you all enough for your tireless effort on my behalf that has really made this possible.

Many thanks. D.P.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark and Ben at 1281 Solutions and Darian at Prudential. We are very pleased with all that they have done for us. It all started about 2 years ago when my husband’s jobs started getting pretty slim. He worked in construction and we all know how hard it was to get jobs during these rough times. We had also just had our first child, so I was not working at the time either. It came to a point that we had exhausted all of our funds and weren’t left with many options. We were about to just walk away from our house. I had a friend that had been in the same situation with her house in Las Vegas, so she gave me some advice. I contacted 1281 Solutions and they were wonderful in helping us through the process. We just found out that our home is going to close this week. We are so happy we contacted your company and you were able to lead us down a different path then foreclosure. Our family really appreciates all you have done for us.

Sincerely, Kristy and Joe Marshall

I would like to let you know how 1281Solutions helped me through the long, rough period of trying to ward off the bank from foreclosing on my home with notices starting in Jan of '09. I received a lot of various mail of programs to sign up with. After receiving Mark’s informed material on 1281Solutions, I decided his program was the best suited for me. 1281Solutions helped me to remain in my house during this difficult 3 year process. They were able to find a buyer and I was able to stay in my house until the end of April, 2012. I always had communication with Mark and his team (even got calls returned the next day when Mark was ill). I am very grateful I got to stay in my house so long. It helped me to maintain it and also helped restore my confidence so that I could move on with my life. Thank you Mark and the team of 1281Solutions.

Sincerely, Tim Prival

Thank you so much for all the hard work you did behind the scenes to get my house sold. Your team of workers at 1281Solutions are awesome people keeping me informed every step of the way. From the beginning, when I was behind on the house payments, I put the house up for sale myself with no success. Then receiving a letter from Mark at 1281Solutions gave me more options for help. The foreclosure letters were starting and I was relieved that I had a reputable company like 1281Solutions to handle everyone. Through the process of working with the bank and putting the house up for sale everything was accomplished successfully. Above all, I got paid for my services to keep the house looking good, nobody else does that for you. I will recommend 1281Solutions to everyone for the peace of mind you get from them.


I am here to inform you that 1281 Solutions are amazing. I recently went through a divorce and became a one income household which wasn't enough to cover my payments. I had tried repeatedly to get some kind of grace and/or help and patience from my mortgage company and no one was remotely interested in helping. A friend informed me of 1281Solutions and hooked me up with Mark. I did not have time to deal with anything in regards to the sale of my home and Mark and his team took on the entire task. My home is now sold and my life is moving forward in a positive direction. Thanks Mark


Shawn Dorie

1281Solutions saved us from foreclosure.

We were unable to keep up with our mortgage payments and were looking at foreclosure. We were unable to get information for help from the bank - it would take months for a response to any calls we made, and they did not offer options to help. Doug and 1281Solutions helped us, in our time of need, understand our options. He was able to negotiate with the bank to do a short sale on the home. Doug was on top of the process at all times, and kept us up to date on the progress of the short sale. He kept us from foreclosure, and was able to negotiate a short sale to satisfy the creditors. We recommend Doug and 1281Solutions to help anyone in our situation - they can be trusted to help in your most stressful financial situation.

Sincerely, Rob and Kristi Jackson

Last year my rental unit was approaching foreclosure and the lender was completely inflexible and would not work with me at all. I originally contacted 1281Solutions with a small amount of trepidation, but my fears were quickly proven unfounded. The staff at 1281Solutions could not have been more empathic to my situation and they kept me informed every step of the way. I am so thankful I found 1281Solutions and I would highly recommend them to anyone facing a similar situation. I truly believe that without the assistance of 1281Solutions my property would’ve been foreclosed on. Thank you 1281Solutions for your patience, professionalism and for salvaging my credit score!


Joshua Dobson

“Due to a series of economic factors, I was not able to keep up on my mortgage payments. I was frustrated and didn’t know what to do. My mortgage company had started foreclosure on the property. I had received a letter from Mark at 1281 Solutions that indicated they could help me avoid foreclosure and do a short sale on my house. I finally called Mark and he went over the process with me. His team has been helpful and answered all of my questions throughout this entire transaction. The mortgage company has accepted a short sale offer. It’s a relief not to worry about this property any longer. I thank Mark and his team for making this sale successful. I would recommend 1281 Solutions to anyone in a similar situation.”


We would like to share how we were saved from foreclosure by 1281solutions. We had given up asking help from the bank. Our house was ready to be auctioned in a few weeks. We received a letter from 1281solutions telling us how we would be able to sell our house. Mark went out of his way with his team to help us as we went through the short sale process. We were very pleased how 1281 solutions saved our house from being foreclosed. If you are in a situation we were in, Mark would be the person to call. 503-810-5555.

Thanks Mark for saving our lives.


Ashwini and Raghu Sharma.

We want to say the team at 1281Solutions is fantastic!

We were in foreclosure due to my job loss. We could not pay our bills, including our mortgage. Scared to death of this forth coming foreclosure, we contacted Mark at 1281Solutions. Mark and his team were quick to move on the solution that fit our needs and made the sale a success that saved us from having our home foreclosed on.

Thanks to Mark and his wonderful staff @ 1281Solutions.

David Locke

I want everyone to know how 1281Solutions saved me from foreclosure and got me out from my problem. I was too far behind on my mortgage to catch up because I was laid off for two years.

The bank sent the foreclosure papers before my house was to be auctioned off. I received a letter from 1281Solutions which gave me options on selling my home. Mark and his team presented an acceptable offer to the bank before the auction. Mark kept me informed weekly as we went through the short sale process.

With all of the scam artists hitting foreclosure victims I was happy about turning this over to a company as reputable as 1281Solutions. Mark and his team have been professional throughout the whole process.

They moved fast to make the sale successful and stop my foreclosure. If you are in the same situation that I and my family were in then I urge you to call Mark at 503-810-5555. He is a life saver.


Sam Chanthabouasy

As soon as I got listed on the county foreclosure list I started receiving unsolicited offers to help with my situation. After researching the foreclosure and short sale process, along with all those wanting to ‘help’, I decided to call Mark Bordcosh at 1281Solutions.

He immediately answered all my questions and got the short sale process started.

His network of professionals went into action and were able to stop the foreclosure, purchase and close the sale as fast as any other situation I had learned about.

Mark and his associates quickly responded to my calls and emails when I had more questions, and they always let me know what I needed to do next to keep the process moving.

Considering the negative and emotionally draining situation I was in, I am pleased with the way it was handled by 1281Solutions and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to call Mark at 503-810-5555 for advice or handling their own situation.

Sincerely, Larry Benford

Thanks Doug. I know you did all you could, and I will still gladly recommend your company to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to the one we have endured. We are already looking for a place to go, as John is so stressed he can't even eat or sleep. I feel it would be best to put all of this behind us as soon as we have a place to go, and it may even be by the end of the month, between the two holidays. We both feel that the sooner we can leave this place the better it will be for our family, in spite of any money we would have been able to save by hanging out here until "the last dog is hung", so to speak. We will do whatever we can to help whoever buys the house to have a clean place to move into. It isn't their fault that the bank has been unfair and uncooperative, and I hope someone buys the house who will love and care for it better than I was able to afford to do. I believe that those who have been instrumental in causing misery to people like us will someday answer for the things that they have done in avarice and greed, and I am determined to not be bitter and angry for things that I had little control over.

I thank you and your company for the help you gave us, even though the outcome was not what we had hoped for. You, at least, were willing to make the attempt, and that is much more than I can say for the majority of the people at Wells Fargo, most of whom seem to have no idea what it is they are doing, and the rest of whom know all too well and do it anyway.

Thanks again.

Sherri Jamison

Dear Mark and 1281Solutions Team-

I wanted to take this opportunity to express how grateful my family and I are with your team's help by helping us go through the short sale of our home and preventing us from foreclosure. Before meeting and working with you and your team we tried and tried to refinance with no luck time after time. We fell way behind on our mortgage payments, eventually receiving a sale date notice from the county and banks. It was a tough time for us and we did not see how we were going to get through this.

After setting an appointment and meeting your team, you put together for us a game plan and a solution to get through this. First thing the 1281Solutions team did was buy us more time...putting off the original sale date of our home allowing us to stay awhile longer.

Months down the road the home finally sold and all along the way you and the 1281Solutions team kept us well informed. Your team was great! Thanks Mark for your hard work and patience with my family and if we know of anyone in need of your service we will definitely recommend Mark and his 1281Solutions team by giving them your contact information of 503-810-5555.

Sincerely yours,

Eric Thammavongsa

Hi, My name is Anival.

I had lost my job that provided most of the income to my house. I was in the process of losing my house to foreclosure. I was stressing out everyday not knowing how to pay my mortgage. One day I was looking through my mail and I noticed a letter from 1281 Solutions about foreclosure help, so I opened the letter and started to read it.

It caught my attention on the letter that stated "You cant loose your home to foreclosure there is another way like a short sale". I made a quick phone call to Mark at 1281 Solutions, Mark explained about how a short sale works. I was very interested how a short sale can help me out, instead of loosing my house to foreclosure. I had decided to continue my short sale with 1281 Solutions. They were very professional and out going to help me out. 1281 Solutions was there for me every step of the way.

Thank you, Mark and 1281 Solutions

Anival Gonzalez

1281Solutions is amazing! I was so far behind on my mortgage payments and in no position to be able to get caught up. Mark and his team were great; they continued to persist even after I thought the whole situation was hopeless. They were able to push off the auction date many times and buy the house. If you are in this same boat call Mark at 503-810-5555 he can help you too!

Thank you to the whole team at 1281Solutions!

Shane Mazurkiewicz

Given the economy and divorce, I found myself owing more on my property than it was valued at. My mortgage company was not willing to work with me and I found my self facing possible foreclosure. I was contacted by several companies offering various alternative services. Most of the companies required fees up front to negotiate with my mortgage company. If I could afford that I wouldn't be in my present situation. The letter from Mark Bordcosh at 1281 Solutions, LLC stated they required no up front fees. I contacted Mark who explained the process in detail. They were good to work with and charged no fees.

Thank you, Marie W.

When it became apparent that the loss of my job was going to be detrimental I began researching options to minimize my debt.

I spoke with attorneys that were nothing more than scam artists who wanted money up front to even begin reviewing my situation.

I also researched all the companies that the government was advertising to help negotiate with my lender but they were of no help because I did not have any income to request a loan modification.

Then my realtor referred me to 1281Solutions who worked with me to negotiate a short sale on the property I had bought only two years prior but had lost over $100,000 on the investment already.

I will pay it forward to anyone whom I meet that may need the same assistance and refer them to 1281Solutions.

Thank you again 1281Solutions team,

Robin Secours

To those of you in foreclosure:

We had a business at our home and our neighbor complained to the city and they shut us down. Without this income we could no longer make our payments. To stop a foreclosure we contacted a company in Lake Oswego. They were impossible to work with. So we contacted 1281Solutions to help us out. They were very good to work with and they completed the short sale.

Thank you 1281Solutions.


Vern and Sheryl Perkins

To Whom It May Concern:

1281Solutions saved me from foreclosure. I was too far behind on my mortgage to catch up and the bank sent me the foreclosure papers. Prior to 1281 Solutions, I dealt with 2 other individuals from elsewhere who said they were going to help me with my home only to find out it was bogus. I had my doubts in calling 1281 Solutions because I thought I wasn't going to receive any help. I then made the call going in thinking I wasn't going to lose out on anything, and sure enough after I discussed my issue with them, they were able to come out and see me that same week. Mark and his team presented an acceptable offer to the bank before the auction. He also kept me informed weekly as we went through the short sales process. With all the scam artists hitting foreclosure victims, I was happy about turning this over to a company as reputable as 1281Solutions. Mark and his team have been professional through the whole process. 1281Solutions moved fast to make this sale successful and stop my foreclosure. If you are in the same situation call Mark at 503-810-5555. He will get it done.


Araceli Garcia

I want you to know what 1281Solutions did to save me from foreclosure.

I was too far behind on my mortgage to catch up. The bank had sent the foreclosure papers. Weeks before my house was to be auctioned off, I was referred to Mark Bordcosh with 1281 Solutions to help me. Mark and his team presented an acceptable offer to the bank before the auction. Dave McGuire has kept me informed weekly as we went through the short sales process and has been available to answer all my questions. With all the scam artists hitting foreclosure victims, I was happy about turning this over to a company as reputable as 1281Solutions. Mark and his team have been professional through the whole process. 1281Solutions moved fast to make this sale successful and stop my foreclosure. If you are in the same situation that I was in I urge you to call Mark at 503-810-5555 he saved my life.

Paula Miller

My husband and I joined the numerous Americans whose jobs have been cut due to the recent economy. After finally admitting to ourselves that we were in too deep in our home loan and the bank was going to start foreclosure procedures we were unsure of where to turn next. We received a notice from 1281 Solutions and hoped that they could help us. We were nervous about the whole process and were immediately put at ease with the knowledge, professionalism and the expertise. We were kept in the loop with weekly updates and they were always only a phone call away. It was such a relief to have them on my side and not having to deal with the calls and the letters from the bank was great. They made a hard situation easy to deal with and they always treated us with respect. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Mark.


Tina Howard

To Whom It May Concern

I Sharma Dharmend want you to know how 1281Solutions saved my property from foreclosure. I was too far behind with my mortgage to catch up and the bank had sent the foreclosure papers. Weeks before my house was to be auctioned off, I received a letter from 1281Solutions which gave me options on selling my house.

Mark from 1281Solutions along with his team presented an acceptable offer to the bank before the auction date. I was kept informed weekly by his team, as we went through the short sale process. I was happy to turn over to a reputable company as 1281Solutions rather than the scam artists hitting foreclosure victims. 1281Solutions moved fast to make this sale successful and stop my foreclosure.

I would highly recommend you to contact Mark at 503-810-5555 from 1281Solutions if you are in the similar situation as I was couple months before. 1281Solutions team members are very professional and friendly.


Sharma Dharmend

To whom it may concern:

A friend referred me to 1281Solutions when my home was facing foreclosure. I called Mark Bordcosh and he personally explained to me all of my options regarding foreclosure from staying in my home to selling my home. Throughout the process his company was informative and helpful.

I decided that selling my home was what was best for my situation. During the process of stopping my foreclosure I began to experience serious medical and personal problems including the stress of facing foreclosure. 1281Solutions worked with me on a personal level and took care of everything. I was able to focus on my personal life while 1281Solutions took over my housing situation. 1281 purchased my property and stopped my foreclosure which saved my credit.

I highly recommend 1281Solutions, Mark Bordcosh and those who work with him. Everyone was professional and saw me as a person rather than a transaction. Thank you Mark!!!

Vuth Ouk

I want to tell you how 1281 Solutions saved me from being foreclosed on.

I was late and I was unable to catch up on my mortgage payment. Citi bank was threatening to foreclose.

I contacted 1281Solutions whose phone number I got thru a friend of mine.

He had nothing but praise for the 1281Solutions Company.

Mark sent out a very nice guy named Ed and he explained all my different options.

We decided on a short sale. The bank accepted the lower price, stopped my foreclosure and helped my credit. I was very happy.

This Company is very professional and I would recommend them to my mother if she needed them.

Call Mark if you are in need at 503-810-5555 he will help save your home and life.


Cory Schneider

1281Solutions has recently stopped the foreclosure of my house. Mark and his team have been professional throughout the whole process.

I didn't need to do anything. Mark and his team did all of the work. Everything was taken care of fast and professionally without a worry from me.

Because of the fantastic job Mark and his team had done for my family I recommend Mark to everyone I know that needs the foreclosure stopped on their home.

Thank you for stopping the foreclosure of our home.

Chanly Yem & Sothea Ouk-Yem

We would like to express our thanks to 1281Solutions for helping to save us from foreclosure. We were behind in our payments and even just lowering them would not have worked.

The credit union had sent us foreclosure papers. Weeks before the scheduled auction date we got a letter from 1281Solutions, we were given options and went with the one that worked for us.

1281Solutions got the auction postponed and settled with the lender on a short sale amount.

All in time before the new foreclosure auction date.

We worked with Ed mostly to stay informed, but want to thank the whole team for stopping the foreclosure.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, I urge you to consider 1281Solutions.

You may call Mark at 503-810-5555.


Delores & Ron Seal

Facing a foreclosure is often one of many challenges which commonly arise at the same time. Often foreclosure is derived from a job loss, and follows with a subsequent bankruptcy.

1281 Solutions gave me the peace of mind, and the wherewithal to sustain in the most trying circumstances of my life.

By allowing 1281 Solutions to handle the banks, realtors, and mortgage calls, I was able to focus on what really mattered to my personal well being, and that was job seeking, which we all know takes more time than actually working a 40 hour week if done right.

By letting 1281 Solutions deal with a substantial portion of my stressors, I was able to dedicate time to focus on what would potentially change my life for the better. Not a temporary band-aid, but a real and tangible long-term betterment. The short-term anxieties and pains I was suffering were largely mitigated by 1281 Solutions, and I was able to focus on what really mattered.

My circumstances may not be normal in this difficult economy, but I'm convinced that by freeing up my time, and alleviating foreclosure related stress I was able to focus on what truly matters which resulted in obtaining a higher paying job than I had lost, foreclosure avoidance, as well as bankruptcy circumvention. The icing on the cake? With the successful sale of my townhouse, I was able to not just get past this trying time, but came out of it better than ever.

Thank you 1281 Solutions.


David Murdza

If you are facing dire circumstances, I would like to recommend a company that worked very hard on my behalf: the failure to salvage a tough situation lies in the laps of the mortgage company, not these fellows.

I suggest you contact Mark Bordcosh to see if he can assist you in saving your home.

Mark is at Phone 503.810.5555. Email Mark at

They are completely above board and interested in fashioning a short sale, and even letting you come out above even. Just because we weren't successful with my mortgage company doesn't mean they won't be able to get through to yours.

Jacqui Gillis

I wanted to let you know how 1281 Solutions saved me from foreclosure on my home.

I was too far behind on my mortgage to catch up. The mortgage company had sent foreclosure papers. Weeks before my house was to be auctioned off, I received a letter from 1281 Solutions which gave me options on selling my home.

You and your team presented an acceptable offer to the mortgage company before the auction.

You kept me informed on a weekly basis as we went through the short sale process.

With all the scam artists hitting foreclosure victims, I was happy about turning this over to a company as reputable as 1281 Solutions.

You and your team have been very professional through the whole process. 1281 Solutions moved fast to make this sale successful and stop my foreclosure. If anyone is in the same situation I urge you to call Mark at 503-810-5555, he is a life saver.


Bob Corser
Beaverton, Oregon

We thought foreclosure was our only option until 1281 Solutions was referred to us by a trusted friend.

We were hesitant to work with an investor because we knew other people who were hit by scam artists promising what 1281 Solutions actually delivered.

We also had received countless letters and post cards from people claiming they could help us avoid foreclosure.

After talking to Mark and his staff we quickly realized this company was different they were professional and compassionate about our situation.

Mark and his staff were very helpful in making sure all the details were covered and communicated regularly with my husband and I throughout the short sale process.

The sale of our home was fast and kept us out of foreclosure.

Take time to call Mark at 503-810-5555 because he will give you another option besides foreclosure when you work with 1281 Solutions.

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Wetzel

I would like you to know how 1281 Solutions saved me from foreclosure.

I lost my job and fell way behind on my house payments. My lender would not work with me at all, so I stayed up all night thinking about how to get out of this and still hold my head up.

One day I came across an ad for 1281 Solutions. I gave Mark a call and his team was right on it. I had to move out of state before anything had happened and,

Mark and his team kept me well informed the whole process all the way till we reached a short sale. I'm so impressed with 1281 Solutions that if you fall into the same situation that me and my family did then you should definitely give Mark a call at 503-810-5555 you wont be disappointed.

Sincerely, Roy Pigott

With all the nation-wide economic turmoil going on I fell behind on my mortgage payments and was on the verge of foreclosure. With their regular mailer I learned about 1281 Solutions and immediately talked with Mark B. With them being local I instantly felt comfortable dealing with them to work through the procedures of saving my house. They showed high level of professionalism in dealing with me as a distressed client by showing me the alternatives. Once signed in they update me regularly - both with the agent tasked to sell my place as well as the independent licensed debt negotiator.

It was a tough time indeed for home sellers, but working with 1281 Solutions eased things up a bit and made for a less-stressful transaction. I would highly recommend having Mark B and his team to keep your head above waters on these troubled times.

Phil S.

We want to thank Mark and his team for all the help they provided to get our home out of foreclosure. They over-extended themselves to help us out and we can't thank them enough.

So if you're in need of excellent advice, professional and honest service, make sure you

contact 1281 Solutions.

Thanks again,


Here is how 1281Solutions saved our family from foreclosure.

My wife and I were too far behind on our mortgage to catch up. The bank had sent the foreclosure papers. Weeks before my house was to be auctioned off, I received a letter from 1281 Solutions which gave me options on selling my home. It was so amazing how Mark and his team stepped in and presented an offer to the bank before the auction. The relationship we formed with Mark and his team was very genuine, we understood that this was a business transaction but our family could feel that their team was very concerned with our family's welfare. We are truly blessed to have met Mark and his team and are very appreciative how they turned our situation around. Mark and his team have been professional through the whole process. 1281Solutions moved fast to make this sale successful and stop my foreclosure. I encourage those who are facing the same circumstances we were to call Mark at 503-810-5555 he will get the job done!

Sincerely, Ron and Terry Williams

I am writing this testimonial in regards to 1281Solutions.

Having no medical insurance for three years and behind on my mortgage payments with no way possible of catching up and a foreclosure notice thirty days away, I received a letter from 1281Solutions which gave me some options on selling my home.

I was skeptical at first but after questions and a meeting with Mark and his staff I was soon put at ease. 1281Solutions moved fast to make this sale successful and stop my foreclosure. If you are in the same situation I was, I urge you to call Mark at 503-810-5555. Mark and his staff treated me with respect and dignity and were professional throughout the whole process.

If you hit rock bottom! Rise back with 1281Solutions.


(Aloha, Oregon)

I wanted to take this opportunity to highly recommend the services of 1281Solutions. Mark, Ed and all of the folks at 1281Solutions did a significant amount of work to save my home from foreclosure. Throughout the often times uncertain and nerve-wracking process, I appreciated the professionalism and guidance provided by 1281Solutions. Mark and Ed were always available to answer my many questions and they always gave me straight answers -- the good news and the not so good news.

The main thing is, I am far better off today than I would have been without 1281Solutions in the picture. In the end, they came through big time.

I've already highly recommended 1281Solutions to one of my friends who finds himself in the same situation as I used to be in. If you are facing foreclosure, you should talk to 1281Solutions.

Lindon Rose

To whom it may concern:

I talked to so many con artists! I want you to know how 1281Solutions saved me from foreclosure and saved my accumulated credit of ten years from ruins. I was too far behind on my mortgage to catch up. 1281Solutions gave me a way out to sell my home and start over. Mark and his team kept me informed throughout the whole process.

If you are in the same predicament I urge you to call Mark at 503-810-5555 for a solution that makes sense and works.

Thanks Mark, Ed and David.

Susan Hanson

I would like you to know how professional Mark and his team at 1281Solutions has been in allowing me to escape from a horrible situation with just days before my property was to be auctioned off.

The team at 1281Solutions took over and stopped the foreclosure which gave me enough time to regroup and walk away with my head high.

If you don't make the call to 1281Solutions, you will be sorry and I am not!


Larry Ferreira

I would like to HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mark and his team at 1281 Solutions for anyone interested in saving their credit. A year after purchasing my home my teenage daughter was hit head-on and survived with piling medical bills and putting a financial burden on me as a single parent.

I started getting behind on my mortgage payments and my lender would not offer help. The only help was to INCREASE my monthly payment and extend my terms. This was not the help I needed and my home was soon facing foreclosure.

I received many letters offering to help me face my situation. It was not until I met with Mark at 1281 Solutions and realized that he had built a reputation and had the necessary credentials, "proof" that he had already helped many people in similar situations.

Whether the solution is a short sale, new sale/purchase - give Mark a call. Mark is very easy to work with and provided me with weekly updates throughout the entire process and assured me of my decision to sell my home.

With the current mortgage crisis and declining economy - I was certain that I was not going to get out from under my mortgage obligations and ever be in a situation to purchase another home in the future. I sold my home and with my credit intact and have a hopeful future for purchasing a home again.

I would recommend and highly encourage anyone facing mortgage problems to reach out to Mark as a possible solution.

Best of Luck with your "solution,"


To whom it may concern:

If you are reading this, you are most likely facing a foreclosure.

If so I urge you to contact 1281Solutions.

Mark and his team gave me several ways out of foreclosure.

They not only stopped the foreclosure, but saved my sanity as well.


Don Milbradt

I want you to know how 1281Solutions saved me from foreclosure.

I was too far behind on my mortgage to catch up. The bank had sent the foreclosure papers.

Weeks before my house was to be auctioned off, I received a letter from 1281 Solutions which gave me options on selling my home.

Mark and his team presented an acceptable offer to the bank before the auction. Mark has kept me informed weekly as we went through the short sales process.

With all the scam artists hitting foreclosure victims, I was happy about turning this over to a company as reputable as 1281Solutions.

Mark and his team have been professional through the whole process.

1281Solutions moved fast to make this sale successful and stop my foreclosure.

If you are in the same situation that I was in I urge you to call Mark at 503-810-5555 he is a life saver.

Sincerely, Dr. Aris Campbell 503-887-4499

My name is Dawn. I had purchased a home as a rental, but had some bad luck being able to maintain the house for rental income. The furnace, electrical and plumbing were not stable, so many repairs were necessary for anyone to be able to live in a home.

I was able to do the electrical, much of the plumbing and a new furnace and hot water heater, however, I was not able to get the house rented with enough income to be able to work with the bank when the payments came behind.

I went into the foreclosure list, so I got quite a few letters and offers. One afternoon, a gentlemen from 1281 Solutions came by to explain what they could do to help me avoid the foreclosure. The housing market had dropped in value since the purchase of the house, so with the penalties and back payments, the amount owed would not be cleared by sale. Mark met with me and outlined the whole plan as working with the bank for a short sale to save the auction procedure. He worked with the real estate brokers and handled the whole process, keeping me included in the information loop all of the time.

The bank finally came back with a price we could sell the house for a few days prior to auction and Mark arranged for the sale of the house so the funds transferred to the lender in time.

This was the most difficult time for me as my husband is ill with MS and started to have more difficulty while my position with my employer became more demanding. Mark was able to help with most of the stress and his team worked so well with me during that time though I was unable to spend much energy or time working with them.

Thank you so much for your help,

My name is Miranda and I would like to share with you how Mark of 1281Solutions saved me from foreclosure.

A month after refinancing my house I lost my job and was unemployed for six months.

I fell too far behind on my mortgage to be able to catch up.

The bank had filed the foreclosure papers and I had an investor who was going to purchase my home.

Less then thirty-days before the auction the investor backed out.

I tried contacting some of the other investors who had flooded my mail box with flyers when my foreclosure first hit the books.

Now none of them would return my calls because the auction date was so close.

Less then three weeks before my house was to be auctioned off, I received a post card from 1281Solutions.

Without any other options I called and left a message on a Sunday afternoon.

First thing Monday morning Mark had returned my call and I was scheduled to have one of his representatives come out to my house the next day!

Mark and his team were able to present an acceptable proposal to the bank for a short sale just days before the auction.

Mark has been awesome in keeping me informed and educated as we went through the short sales process.

Hearing about the many foreclosures and scam artists hitting foreclosure victims and the booming rate of identity theft.

I soon learned I had nothing to be concerned about.

Mark and his team have been respectful and professional through the whole process.

I was never given any reason to feel that Mark was not taking care of my property and privacy at all times.

I am very thankful for all of Mark's hard work in buying and selling my house to keep me from foreclosure.

Mark and his team clearly moved fast to make this sale successful.

I now do not have a foreclosure on my record and have begun to start over financially with hopes that I can again buy a house, with the help of 1281Solutions that will be more of a possibility.

Thank you 1281Solutions.

We want to give our thanks to 1281Solutions for helping us with getting out of foreclosure and for also helping us with the short sale of our home. We appreciate you working with us and for your help...we could not have done it without you there to take us through the steps we needed to go through.

Thanks for everything

The Martinez's

To whom it may concern,

We were at the end of our rope as the bank had set a foreclosure date. We had contacted several other people who said we were beyond help. We thought we had exhausted our options when Mark Bordcosh came into the picture. Mark immediately filled us with hope. His timely intervention allowed us to sell the house and avoid the horrors of foreclosure.

Mark has been absolute pleasure to work with. From the beginning he has kept us informed, been honest and realistic, and has provided straight up answers to our questions. A most heart felt thank you for all his efforts.

We recommend Mark Bordcosh and 1281 Solutions to all in need of help in a most difficult situation.


Mark and Peggy Frieze

Out of all the info we received going through 1281Solutions with Mark was wonderful. He helped us stop our foreclosure on our home and helped us sell our house.

We thank him very much for all of the hard work he has done.

Marko and Robert Brown

Mark at 1281Solutions was extremely helpful in preventing my family's home from being foreclosed. He was instrumental in helping my brothers and sisters so that they would not be evicted off the property in an inopportune time frame.

Thank you for helping my family.

Mark Bordcosh of 1281Solutions really helped me make a hard decision like a lot of people have had to about my best options on how to go about dealing with foreclosure and what to look for when dealing with other businesses telling me they could stop foreclosure and how to look for scams.

So, I went through his company and investors to help my siblings and me. Four out of the five of us wanted to re-finance our inherited home but one did not so we ended up in foreclosure.

We had no money to pay 1281Solutions for their help and we ended up selling our home.

So, if you want help in either saving your home or selling Mark Bordcosh today at 503-810-5555.
Sincerely, Ian K McGee 503-258-0760

During the crisis we had, 1281Solutions helped my family to get our house out of foreclosure with Mark Bordcosh's help to either sell or keep the home we lived in due to low money. We had to sell our home. Thank you for helping our family out!
Sincerely yours-

Mark Bordcosh from 1281Solutions was very helpful in our time of need. He helped out my family in a sticky situation. Thank you for all of your help.
Sincerely, Tammy L Linder

Out of all the others that contacted our family only 1281 Solutions and Mark Bordcosh seemed the only choice. He helped our family in our time of need. He can help you! Contact 1281Solutions.

Thank you for your help.
Lea M

When our home was in foreclosure we contacted other businesses and were not given any help. 1281 Solutions gave us the help we needed. Mark was easy to work with and made sure we were informed of everything as it happened. We are thankful for all of his help. Thank you!

Dennis and Brenda Dupree

Out of all of the companies that have contacted me, 1281 Solutions has been the most helpful. They gave me all of my options.....I appreciate their honesty and helpfulness.

Art Preston

I was about to loose my home, I couldn't find a way out, when I got a letter from 1281 solutions, I din't hesitate to call them, I'm glad that I did so, they help me and my family in a professional, matter, if your stuck like me, please feel free to give them a call, they will find a solution for you, thank you 1281 solution and the incredible staff. Thank you for all your help.

Sincerely, Francisco J Matadamas

My home was in foreclosure and just three weeks from auction when I called Mark at 1281 Solutions.

He assured me we still had time to do something----and he was right!

Mark successfully saved my home from foreclosure with a short sell which saved my credit and my life! Thank you so much!

Lynn...Portland, Oregon

When my home went into foreclosure I was overwhelmed with the amount of mail I received from people with "solutions" to my problem.

I began calling them one by one.

Then I came across Mark's letter and I called him.

The first thing I noticed is he was eager to help me and tell me my options.

He also just sounded like a neat person and not a business man trying to make a buck off me and my house. Thanks Mark!

Sincerely, Aaron Harlan

When we were being overwhelmed with letters and phone calls, because our house was going into foreclosure, one letter stood out. That letter was from Mark Bordcosh with 1281Solutions. The information we got from his letter, the recorded message he has on the phone and his website on the internet helped us decide to choose his company.

The option we took was to sell our home and Mark did everything he could to make it fast easy and painless.

1281Solutions is a great company. It's been really nice to deal with someone who honestly did what they said they would do. So……Thank you 1281Solutions and Mark for helping us through this difficult time.

Randy and Arlene Blank

1281Solutions is an awesome service!

They are very reliable and efficient. I appreciate all of their help at this time of financial crisis in my life. 1281Solutions, you really came through for me; and just in time. You rescued me from foreclosure!!! The help you've provided has helped me not only in my present circumstance, but my future looks brighter as well.

Thank you 1281Solutions, for everything. I am more than happy to refer you to friends and family.

S. Williams

Portland, OR

Mark Bordcosh successfully stopped the foreclosure of our property thereby keeping a foreclosure off my credit report. He has been dedicated so we could comfortably get back on track and keep our home. We really appreciated all of his hard work and dedication on getting us back on track.

Thank you Mark, for your time and efforts in saving our family home.

C. & D. Sipes

Out of all the businesses, investors and realtors that contacted us to stop our foreclosure and sell our home. One stood out. The letter we received gave us options to stay in our home or sell it and explained it in an easy to understand format. It was from Mark from 1281Solutions, their help was thorough, consistent and easy. Mark met with us and explained everything before we decided to go forward, since agreeing to work with 1281Solutions the process has been easy and we have been constantly informed on all areas of the process. The foreclosure has been stopped which will help our credit. Call Mark today at 503-810-5555, You won't regret it.

Thank you

John Cheney

Out of all the information I looked at on stopping my home from going to foreclosure, 1281Solutions stood out.

They gave me options to keep my home and succeeded, in a timely and professional manner, their free recorded messages have invaluable information for the consumer for selling or saving your home as well as scams to avoid.

They are a wealth of information, but most importantly they follow through, never letting you guess what is going on and all this for free. Please call Mark at 503-810-5555 or listen to the free recorded messages at 503-345-9503.

Thank you for all your help


Kerman D. Davis

To whom it may concern:

The last thing a person needs in a foreclosure is to have more bills. That is exactly what I encountered as I was looking on I was looking on line for help. Everyone wanted from $1000.00 to $6000.00 before they would even consider helping you. Than I received a letter from 1281Solutions offering to help at no cost.

When I called I was helped right away and they where very professional and friendly. They also gave me all the options that where available to me. They discussed how each option worked and then let me choose which one I would like to try.

As a realtor I get a lot of calls from people in my situation that you really would like to help keep their home, but the only option you know of is to list the home and sell it. Now I can with out hesitation recommend 1281Solutions to help people that want to keep their homes.

Thank you,

Ford Chapman

To whom it may concern,

While investigating ways to prevent our family dwelling from being foreclosed upon 1281Solutions gave us options to keep our home that other places were unable to do.

Thank you for helping.

Michael D. Burwell

We were looking for someone to help us stop the foreclosure on our home. We needed advice and solutions. We needed help in a short period of time. With the options 1281Solutions have given us we will be stopping the foreclosure.

Thank you for helping us

Mr. and Mrs. Coelho

To Whom it May Concern:

During one of the most stressful times in my life (foreclosure) trying to find someone who could and would help me, Mark Bordcosh came to my rescue.

Mr. Bordcosh is with 1281Solutions. He gave me options on how I could keep my house. I truly appreciate his efforts on my behalf.


Paul Thalhofer


We just want to say thanks for helping me out of a jam. You were great. You explained everything very well and I felt relieved that I would not have to go through foreclosure on my house and ruin my credit. I found a new place to live and I look forward to getting back on my feet soon.

I strongly recommend your services to anyone who needs to move fast. You took care of all the details. All I had to do was move out. You made complicated issues so simple.

Thanks again.

Chris K.

Being in a foreclosure situation was never in my plan. Numerous companies contacted me through mail, e-mail and actually came to the house. I was shocked, scared and didn't know where to turn for help, or even if there was help. I threw away the majority of the mailers. The few I kept included 1281Solutions.

If I had that kind of money to spare, I wouldn't be in my present situation. Finally, I read the letter from 1281Solutions. It was hard to believe, no fees, no catch, no kidding. It is true, 1281Solutions provided fast, friendly service and assisted me in refinancing my home, avoiding foreclosure and charged me NOTHING.

Norla Richards

We had our home on the market and were facing foreclosure. I had been receiving 4 to 5 letters a day like yours, but for some reason I had set your letter off to the side instead of throwing it away like all the others. After 3 months of having our home on the market with a realtor and only 6 people looking at it with no offers, we had given up hope and all the stress was taking it's toll on myself and my family.

I came across your letter and called you. You met with us and explained how you would handle everything. Thank you for being a man of your word. You took over and we felt like a large load was lifted off our shoulders. In the month and a half after you took over there were more people looking at our house than when it was on the market. Thanks to that we were able to take care of other matters in our life. You have saved our credit and gave us hope again. We have started over thanks to your help and hard work.

Thank you again for your hard work and dedication.

Annette K Courtney

Out of all the information I looked at on stopping my home from going into foreclosure, 1281Solutions stood out. They gave me options to keep my home or sell it in a timely and professional manner.

Thank you for all your help.

Usha Jee

I am very grateful to 1281Solutions for all of their wonderful help. 1281Solutions stopped the foreclosure of my home very quickly and efficiently.

In doing so they helped save my good credit and provided me the opportunity to continue taking care of my family.

Thank you very much to 1281Solutions for all your assistance.


Lillian and Boyd Dixon

I just want to say thanks so much for your recent help. I was struggling. You stopped my foreclosure and helped me move on with my life. It was as if a great weight was lifted off my shoulders. No more house, no more problems.

Thanks again.

A. McAllister

Adding insult to injury is how I felt when my mail box began to fill as soon as our financial hardships brought about the possible foreclosure of our home.

Nearly all of the others wanted me out of my home but I wanted to keep it and work through this situation.

The letter from 1281Solutions was the only one that made me feel that there was hope. I responded to this letter ONLY!

Thanks to 1281Solutions and the direction they helped me go, keeping my home and getting a fresh start I needed has become a reality.

Thank you so much for your help, kindness and dedication.

T. Butler

Gresham, OR

We just wanted to say thank you for all the help that 1281solutions has done for us. In stopping the foreclosure of our home. You were there when we had questions. You did what you said you would. You saved us from losing everything! THANK YOU for helping us move and for taking care of everything....



To whom it may concern,

When we fell behind on our mortgage payments, due to unforeseen circumstances, our home went into pre-foreclosure. We called many different places to reach out for the assistance that we needed to get back on track.

There are 2 that stand out and we?d like to tell you about them.

The first was one that started that we may qualify for a government grant, we qualified for it, however they wanted to charge us $900.00 for the mediation fee and an additional $300.00 for admin. Fees, totaling $1200.00 which is more then a months mortgage. We couldn?t afford that on top of what we already owed.

Now let us tell you about the second... We received a check in the mail that said to fill it out what ever amount we wanted... I read the letter that came with it and decided to call them. I spoke to our hero Mark at this place called 1281Solutions and decided to have a meeting with him.p>

Here is the part that stands out the most... his fees... NONE, yes that is right there are no fees for him to do the work for us. I want to say a big THANKS to Mark at 1281Solutions for giving us the assistance that we needed to start us off back on the right track.


Tony and LeeAnne Chavez

To whom it may concern,

Mark Bordcosh was my life savior.

He stopped my foreclosure.

When I could not think, move or speak because of a brain aneurism he was there for me, he was there every step of the way.

Because of this I could concentrate on my medical condition.

Mark did all the work.

There may be other people out there doing the same, but his understanding and compassion oversized all others.

I was blessed to have him walk in my path.


Jackie Hooper

Well first of all I would like to thank you for everything because my home at SE 248 means everything to me and my family.

I looked around and Mark Bordcosh stood out because he was willing to help with my foreclosure, had many programs and when I talked to him on the phone, he was very understanding.

I talked to other people about my foreclosure and they were of no help. They wanted more money then we could afford and some of them were rude and non-understanding.

Mark was easy to talk to and made sure I understood everything.

Thank you for everything


Maria Martinez

I have researched many of the foreclosure solution companies and I found that 1281Solutions took the time to listen.

They explained to me what I needed to do to overcome the problem.

They are the choice I needed to go with to make sure my family kept our home.


Brian Peterson

To whom it may concern;

I was recently referred to 1281Solutions by an immediate family member.

Due to the sudden loss of my husband I found myself in a foreclosure of our home, yes, bad things DO happen to good people. I felt humiliated and ashamed especially when mortgage loans have been my career for 21 years.

Mark of 1281Solutions showed me nothing but compassion while at the same time went way beyond the call of duty for me, (not my house); "ME!!"

Not only that, but this man took a 30 day transaction, at least, and got it done in a 2 week deadline.

I do not believe there is anything in the financial world worse than hard working good people losing their home, Mark was a true professional that made the whole ordeal easier.


D. M. Binder

We received a lot of notices on how to stop foreclosure on our home.

Mark Bordcosh was the only one that took the time to call us back.

He also had options for us either sell our home or keep it.

Even when waiting for a reply from our mortgage company, he kept in touch with letting us know what was going on.

If it wasn't for Mark Bordcosh we would not be in our home. He works fast to help. He is a lifesaver.

Thank you again Mark

Robert and Joi Hryciw

Mark helped us when people in our neighborhood did not want us here.

He went out of his way to set a precedent that all people regardless of race or creed have a right to live anywhere they so do choose without being harassed.

He helped save me and my wife's home.

I feel Mark's company should receive a medal for helping people in foreclosure.


Anthony Lovincey

I was faced with an important decision to allow my home to go to foreclosure or take action.

I was not prepared to loose my house so I decided to look for help.

Out of all the information, I thought the most helpful and most promising was a letter I received from Mark Bordcosh.

He was kind enough to bring to my attention different options.

I could either keep my house or sell if it was necessary.

I'm truly grateful for all his help.

Thank you for all your help. I don't know what I would of done if I did not contact you.


Francisco and Hector Juarez

Mark Bordcosh has recently stopped the foreclosure of my house.
I didn't need to do anything Mark did all the work.
What a pleasure it was working with someone as nice and helpful.
Everything was taken care of fast and professionally.
I never had to worry about a thing.
I will recommend Mark to everyone that I know that needs the foreclosure stopped on their home.
Mytheena D. Alspaugh

We are so happy that we received a letter from Mr. Mark Bordcosh, we have received so many letters from different prevention companies to stop foreclosure.
Mr Bordcosh, you are a gentlemen, honest and very professional.
Thank you for stopping the foreclosure and saving our home.
William and Patricia Harden

To whom this may concern;
This is testimony in reference to: 15526 SE Rainier Ave., Clackamas, OR 97015.

Mark Bordcosh successfully stopped the foreclosure of the above mentioned property, thereby keeping a foreclosure off my credit record.

He has been dedicated to getting this taken care of and has put a lot of time and effort into this property and the legal end of it.

Thank you Mark for your time and efforts.

Audrey Draper

I have worked in the financial industry for the past 12 years and I never thought I would find myself in a financial hardship. My husband hurt his back at work and was unable to go back into the same line of work. I had young children at home and it required both paychecks to keep our household running. We had a rental property, which we couldn't sell or rent and our medical bills were piling up. We had no other choice but to file bankruptcy and wait for our property to foreclose.

As soon as this public knowledge got out, I was bombarded with letters from realtors and people who specialize in foreclosed properties. Unfortunately my attorney could not explain to me the pros and cons of seeking additional help in regards to the rental property and looking back, he wasn't interested in helping me find the best solution for myself, he just wanted to collect his money, file the appropriate papers and wait for the process to be over. Amongst all the letters I received from various individuals, one letter in particular stood out to me. It gave me some options in regards to my property. This letter came from a gentleman by the name of Mark Bordcosh. This letter took the time to explain to me my options, so I called Mark. I was a little skeptical at first, because I had received so many letters from various people, but Mark was very professional and was consistent in keeping me informed of the process. I was able to avoid another major negative mark on my credit.

Having a bankruptcy on my credit report is bad enough, but having a foreclosure also would have prevented me from owning another home for a really long time. Mark was able to get a short sale transaction together with the bank in a timely and professional manner. I was thrilled to have found a solution other than foreclosure and I wouldn't have known about this option if I didn't take the time to read his letter and make the phone call. There are solutions available, so make the phone call.

Laurie Lynne

I am writing this letter to thank Mark Bordcosh for all that he has done to assist me in stopping the foreclosure of my property.
When I first contacted Mark I had lost my job and my home was in Pre-foreclosure.
I also had been in contact with many other realtors that were unable to help me.
I contacted Mark and ever since that day I have known that was the best thing I could have done.
Mark is a lifesaver. Not only did he work hard to stop the foreclosure, but he also saved my credit, had my property taxes paid, a lien removed and relieved me of so much stress.
I want to thank Mark for everything and really appreciate all that he has done.
Mark Bordcosh is a honest man that does exactly what he says he will do.

Helen M. Wilbourn

Mark has been very helpful and responsive in our time of need. His professionalism in stopping the foreclosure of our property was commendable.

Mark stopped the foreclosure, resulting in saving our credit rating.

He kept us apprised of what was occurring, what we could expect and when.

Mark was courteous when working with us, helping us prepare necessary paper work to end the foreclosure.

Susan Doyle

To whom this may concern;

I want to thank Mark for his prompt and professional assistance in stopping the foreclosure on our property.
Marks explanation of the process, in terms that we could understand, was very helpful in keeping us informed of what was happening, when and how.
He turned a dire situation, due to medical problems, around from one of dispar to one of hope and success.
Our credit rating has been saved.
I cannot say thank you often enough.


Veronica Garcia

P.S. If you are reading this you must be in a similar situation as my family and I was, all I can say is do not wait until it is to late, call Mark now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

While in foreclosure I received a letter from a gentleman named Mark Bordcosh, the options that were provided piqued my interest, but I was still a little apprehensive. Eventually I contacted Mr. Bordcosh and he was able to help us in our time of need and the best thing of all was that there was no fee for his time spent resolving our problem.
Thank you for all your time and input.
Greg & Audrey Brown

I received many letters on stopping my home from going into foreclosure.
A letter was sent to me from Mark Bordcosh, I was impressed by this letter because he gave many options which included keeping my home.
I was impressed with his professional manner.
Thank you for all your help.
Elicia Smith

I am a dentist and until a few years ago I generated a six figure income. I had a nice home and lots of credit cards. Then very serious medical problems forced me into early retirement, something I had not planned for. I had major surgery on my neck, and the same problem advanced to my lower back, but was too extensive for surgical correction. My wife also had major surgery during the same period, and she spent almost 2 months in the hospital. Insurance covered some but not all of our expenses. I had no income at all for a period of six months, and now I am receiving social security disability. As you can guess, my whole world turned upside down very quickly, my finances were a disaster. I was advised to sell my home and declare a bankruptcy, I really had no other choice. I involved several real estate firms in an attempt to sell my home, but the value of the home was not enough to support a sale...the home was over financed by about $80,000! I was advised to let the home go into foreclosure! As soon as the home was shown as being in foreclosure I started receiving mail and phone calls, sometimes 5 or 6 a day! They were all from people who said they understood my situation, how hard it must be, and how THEY could help. Most of these offers of "help" were from people with little or no experience and their motivation appears to be to take any equity I might have had, or to sell me expensive high risk financing. Several months of this type of treatment left me pretty hopeless that anyone could really help.

Then I was contacted by a wonderful gentlemen, Mark Bordcosh. He showed real sympathy for my situation and he had a lot of experience in dealing with very difficult real estate problems. He really wanted to help me avoid a foreclosure! He made no promises, but he said he would work very hard on my problem. I found him to be honest and professional in his dealings with me, he kept me informed of what he was doing and how his plan was progressing. This week the bank stopped the foreclosure...truly a miracle. Mark Bordcosh has my respect and sincere thanks!


A year or more after purchasing my home I realized I could not afford my payments.

I hired a realtor who tried to sell it for 6 months, but no buyers.

I then responded to an ad on purchasing my home.

I spoke to Mark Bordcosh. He explained to me that since I was behind in my home payments by 3 months I would be getting a notice of a foreclosure date on my property.

Not more then 2 weeks later I received the notice, I then called Mark back and asked him to help me.

From his expertise in working with banks and selling homes fast, he stopped the foreclosure, saved my credit.

Thank you for all your help Mark.

T. C.

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