Real Estate & Property Problem
About Us
1281Solutions was formed by Mark Bordcosh, Managing Director/Member to help people avoid the damage caused by property problems.

Mark was once in so much debt that he almost lost everything.

What saved him was the knowledge of a man that had been where he was.

Mark was taught the techniques that pulled him out of his hole.

He then learned everything on resolving real estate related problems, so this would never happen to him or anyone that needed his help again.

Since then Mark and his team have stopped property problems of numerous home owners, putting all their efforts into helping people stop the damage caused by the problem.

About Foreclosure . . . .

Foreclosure is a method used by Counties and lenders to attempt to collect on their outstanding debt.

The property is taken away from the owner and sold at a public or sealed bid auction.

The proceeds from this sale are used to pay off the county or lender that is in default; this can also include foreclosure costs, attorney fees, and other court costs.

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